Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. As you know, I am a candidate for Howard County Commissioner. I would like to address some of the issues and challenges that Howard County is facing now, and some that I think that we will face in the future.

First, some of the issues that I believe we face now:

* Much of the last four years appears to have been spent in conflict between both the various elected offices and between some of the elected offices and employee. I think that this has been very counter productive in terms of morale, and I would imagine, in results. It stands to reason that time spent on this type of conflict could be better spent in other ways. If elected, I intend to do everything that I can to get everyone who works for the public pulling in the same direction, for the good of the county.

* While I think that Howard County is in better fiscal condition than many public entities, I believe that serious budget times will come for us also. As both the federal and state governments find themselves in deeper and deeper water, and lower sales values on property hit the sales roster, I believe that counties will have their available funding squeezed from every direction. I think there have to be better answers than raising taxes. I think that it will take real outside the box solutions to handle these problems. I will be ready to consider all solutions in order to maintain services for the county.

Second, some of the problems that I think are coming in the future:

* I am convinced that as budget troubles continue to dog both federal and state governments, two of the funding sources that are very important to the county will definitely come under fire. It will take coordinated, aggressive effort from all the counties to protect both the highway funds and inheritance tax monies. Without these two sources, county budgets will fall apart very quickly. I am willing and ready to spend as much time and effort as needed working with state senators and whoever else will listen to protect these funds.

* Finally, I firmly believe that we need new ideas and approaches in Howard county to grow our tax base. Things such as finding ways to attract business and industry, residents, and retail opportunity have to be aggressively pursued. Our 911 call center, which is among the best equipped and staffed anywhere, could be a revenue center if marketed properly. We have to look at any number of services that could be consolidated through interlocal agreements and contracts. I am willing to do as much as possible to find and implement these solutions, and others as they present themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.

*** Please remember to attend the forums on the 20th***

Please use this format, call me at 754-3402, or email me at with any questions. I would like the opportunity to earn your vote.